Or should I say, who isn’t?

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Every time my oldest son heads back to school in DC, I find myself standing in the middle of the living room, more like a fixture than a mother; a permanent artifact to the way it used to be when my kids were little and still lived at home and would swirl around me emotionally, if not physically.

So cliche, but the time with our children goes by so fast. How can it be that the first child I carried, that I nursed, that I bathed, that I raised from infancy is going to…

He was right about so many things, but not this

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When I was in college, I struggled with statistics. In fact, I had to take three Stats classes, for two significant reasons:

#1: Statistics was a required course for my selected major(s)
#2: I didn’t do well enough in the first two Stats classes I took (see #1 above)

In my defense, the first two Stats classes I took were within the Engineering curriculum I had enrolled in. (This is the moment you ask yourself, “Engineering? What was she thinking?”)

Technically, I didn’t fail them both. I failed the first…

Do you know where you’re going to?

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The theme from Mahogany song is running through my head as I prepare to type this story; those reflective lyrics by Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser that Diana Ross brought to life.

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to, do you know?

I spent a lot of time in my last “day job” position before I quit focusing on MBOs and OKRs and other management and measurement principles of goal setting. My nemesis came in the form of a S.M.A.R.T. goal. “Manage what you measure…

What’s in yours?

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“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” The voice came out of my terrified body in a shout rather than a question. I had no control of it.

You see, my daughter is nose deep in the top middle drawer of my dresser. She can’t be there. I mean, that drawer holds more parenting secrets than I wish to reveal; not today, not ever. It’s like… a parenting drawer of shame.

In it are all the lost teeth of all three of my children. Not labeled, of course. Because I swore, I’d remember each one when I retrieved them from…

The hero’s journey redefines what heroism means

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I went down a rabbit hole this morning. I started to think about how I should writing something “heroic” and I realized I didn’t quite feel like a hero, despite being on this hero’s journey. I started “googling” things related the hero’s journey, which led me to other writers’ works on the topic; then I started to read their pieces, then imposter syndrome kicked in.

It’s SCARY down in the rabbit hole. It’s dark and it brings on claustrophobia. You start to get all up in your head, wondering if you’re the only…

But know that someday I will

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The cat I don’t have sits on my lap as I type this. Warm in my lap. Purring in a contented half-slumber that soothes my anxious soul and worried heart.

The cat I don’t have sleeps on my bed with me at night. Nestled in between my legs. Preventing me from moving, lest I wake him or her, as I lie still in contented half-sleep.

The cat I don’t have meows at the window while I work. Fascinated by the birds. …

Response to the prompt, “In what ways are you inauthentic? Why?”

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I have a growth mindset. According to Harvard Business Review:

“Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset.”

I spend countless hours learning new things. I take online classes (even wrote about that once). I watch educational videos on YouTube. I read books and attend conferences and take copious notes on what I hear, see and think as I learn.

Last weekend I reviewed each of the journals I’ve kept, and the worksheets I’ve completed and…

The initiation of supernatural aid

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In my last Medium post, I mentioned that a mentor showed himself to me as I answer the call to adventure. (If you’re just catching up, my first post talked about a writer’s hero’s journey … I thought I had already crossed the threshold but alas, I’m still prepping for the trip ahead.)

When one answers a call, Joseph Campbell explains to us in his works, fabulous forces step up to assist:

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder. …

How Yoga Nidra helped me set an intention for today

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I had no idea when I woke up today that I’d need to be told to chill. I woke up in a pretty cool place, or so I thought.

My eyes had opened at around 5:45 am, WAY before my husband’s alarm sounded. I had more than enough mojo to turn on my itty bitty® book light and write my morning pages (a practice I recommend for anyone looking to nurture their creative self on the daily). …

K.M. Langevin

Freelance writer on a hero’s journey; learn more at kmlangevin.com

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